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Welcome to Indian Diamonds

Based in Chicago, Indian Diamonds is a leading dealer of world class diamonds with an expansive collection of highly coveted stones. We take pride in our ability to source exclusive diamonds in a competitive market while offering the best value to our clients. We hope you find yourselves at home with us.


Founded in 1981, Indian Diamonds has transformed itself from a small goods wholesaler into one of the most prominent diamond dealers in Chicago. From its humble beginnings, the company has always stood by its core values of trust, integrity and transparency.

At Indian Diamonds we stand by the saying “our word is our bond.”

The company today is a major dealer in both certified and uncertified diamond goods across the United States, specializing in GIA certified stones. Leveraging the strength of relationships built over many years, Indian Diamonds has begun expanding into supplying Canadian diamonds that hold the absolute brightest material from any mine on Earth. With the resources to maintain a large inventory, Indian Diamonds has been the ideal partner for retailers and traders worldwide. The fundamental principle of conducting business through ethical and honest means has been a pillar of the company’s success.


The vision of Indian Diamonds is simple:To supply quality goods through a quality experience.